Sixth Form Societies


Sixth Form Societies serve as dynamic hubs of intellectual and social engagement, fostering a vibrant culture of learning and collaboration among students. In this report, we explore their pivotal role in cultivating holistic development and enriching the educational experience.





Alina Dar


Anmole Gill


Alisha Farooq


Jamaar Williams


Sabreen Farah

Computer Science

Farhaan Iqbal


Hajaar Daly


Inaaya Hussain


Yusra Dirsche


Bilal Khan


Issa Umar


Hadiya Sultan


Razaan Ansari


Aminah Hussain


Iman Ahmed


Fahad Hassan

Young Interpreters

Monica Magar


This experience has served as a catalyst for the Societies to enhance their communication, organisational, and leadership skills. It has afforded opportunities to address audiences, refining public speaking abilities, and engage in dialogues with unfamiliar individuals, thereby developing people skills. Additionally, they have gained valuable insights into effective coordination and management, further refining their capabilities in orchestrating complex initiatives.


The Societies have conducted several meetings, including online sessions for introductions and event planning, as well as an in-person meeting at the school to strategize a major event and recruit volunteers.

The Baking Society has taken proactive steps by liaising with the Food Technology department and initiating plans to organize a Baking Competition. They are optimistic about contributing to the department's activities during Enrichment Day.

The Basketball Society's consistent weekly practices since December, emphasizing fundamental skills in the sports hall, bore fruit in a recent victorious match against another school, highlighting progress under the coach's guidance. Looking ahead, the society plans to sustain these practices and seek further game opportunities.

The Business Society conducts weekly meetings, both online and in-person, and is strategizing to invite guest speakers for upcoming assemblies.

Along with hosting weekly coding sessions aimed at skill enhancement, Computer Science Society have also established revision sessions to aid younger students and teaching sessions to facilitate effective learning.

The Cultural Society adeptly highlighted its activities during Open Evening and Meet the Tutors, establishing a robust foundation. The Cultural Society orchestrated a presentation for a multicultural evening, featuring a meticulously curated video montage displaying diverse cultural content. Additionally, they facilitated a thorough assembly centred on the exploration and celebration of cultural diversity.

The Interfaith Society helped in decorating the main hall for assemblies and for aiding in the Multi-Cultural evening. The president had the prestigious role of anchoring for entire evening, introducing the acts and ensuring the audience was well engaged.

The Law Society has not had a chance to complete an event however, they are working to create quizzes to be sent around the entire school.

The Maths Society has tutored Year 11 students since October, focusing on challenging topics and exam papers until study leave began. Society meetings will halt to prioritise entrance to Year 13 Exams preparations. Overcoming the challenges, the Presidents efficiently organised a tutoring rota to ensure coverage for classes despite changes in members availability.

The Medical Society, through constructive dialogue with their teacher liaison, is planning a whole-school event featuring a guest speaker for aspiring medical students. Engaging in constructive dialogue with their teacher liaison, Medical Society has been able to brainstorm ideas for a whole-school event. They have initiated efforts to formulate an event plan, aimed at featuring a guest speaker to inspire aspiring medical students.

To effectively organise an event tailored to their objectives Physics Society, notably developed a Quizlet resource for Form Tutors.

A successful event was orchestrated for Year 10 classes to promote PiXL Edge, with plans to expand outreach to other year groups. Initiating engagement with the Head of Year 8 for further promotion. As president, navigated challenges including diverse interest representation. Implemented a solution by offering members paper to express thoughts privately during meetings and encourage direct communication via WhatsApp

Politics Society has completed the Slough Youth Parliament Elections, aiming to elect a new representative from younger years, created a quiz for all year groups post-Easter Break, and a Seniores event on “Getting into Politics”. Challenges in event planning were overcome, leading to a successful alternative to Slough Youth Elections this helped increase involvement and awareness in politics within the society and across the school.

Psychology Society have worked together to answer psychology-based questions while discussing mental health development tips.

The University Society is a newly formed society that aims to bring in lecturers on career-related subjects, including engineers and IT specialists.

Every Tuesday during the second lunch period, members of Young Interpreters diligently hone their interpreting skills in their respective languages, engaging with provided scenarios to bolster confidence. Additionally, they aspire to undergo a formal examination to obtain certificates validating their proficiency in this course.


Navigating the demands of A-levels, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles within their societies posed a significant challenge for presidents. Nonetheless, overcoming this hurdle proved rewarding for everyone, affording them the opportunity to cultivate transferable skills essential for their future endeavours.

Initially, presidents also faced challenges in delegating tasks to their secretaries and members. However, as the year progressed, they gained clarity on assigning responsibilities based on individual strengths, ensuring tasks were executed to the highest standards.

In conclusion, the Sixth Form Societies have established a distinguished presence within the school, exemplified by successful events such as the Year 12 Meet the Tutor Evening and Sixth Form Open Evening. These events effectively showcased the diverse initiative of the Societies to internal and external audiences, significantly enhancing the school’s visibility and fostering a strong sense of community. The legacy of these accomplishments will continue to resonate though future Societies, further enriching the school experience for all.