Religious Studies

Religious Studies Webinar

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A-Level Religious Studies

Exam Board: OCR


This qualification is designed to develop a greeted understanding and appreciation of religious beliefs and teachings, as well as the disciplines of ethics and philosophy of religion. Students will develop their skills of critical analysis in order to construct balanced, informed arguments and responses to religious, philosophical and ethical ideas.

The Religious Studies course aims to engage learners thoroughly and develop an interest in Religious Studies which extends beyond the classroom and can be applied to the world around them.

 Where does it Lead to?

Theology and religious studies graduates work in a variety of different roles in a range of employment sectors. Typical employers include:

●        National and local government, including the civil service and government agencies, as well as non-governmental organisations (ngos)

●        schools , colleges and universities (for teaching and research positions)

●        Charities, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations

●        Social services and other caring professions

●        The Church and other religious organisations

●        Financial and legal firms

●        The National Health Service (NHS)

●        PR, advertising, sales and marketing companies

●        Media companies

 Course Detail:

This is a two year linear course and all examinations will take place at the end of the second year.

Paper 1

Paper 2


How it’s assessed: 1 x 3 hour written paper which is worth 50% of the final grade.



●        Philosophy of Religion (01)

●        Religion and Ethics (02)

●        Developments in religious thought (03)

Each paper will contain four essay questions, the student choosing three out of the four to answer.


Questions can target material from any area of the specification.


Each essay will be worth 40 marks and will test both AO1 and AO2.

How it’s assessed: 3 X 2 hour written paper. The exam for each component will be worth 120 marks and represents 33.3% of the total marks for A Level.


AO1: 40%. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of religion and belief including:

●        Religious, philosophical and/or ethical thought and teaching

●        Influences of beliefs, teachings and practices on individuals, communities and societies

●        Cause and significance of similarities and differences in belief, teaching and practice

A02: 60%

●        Analyse and evaluate aspects of, and approaches to, religion and belief, including their significance, influence and study.



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