Performing Arts (Acting)

Performing Arts webinar

Welcome to the webinar on the BTEC Performing Arts course.

BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Performing Arts Compulsory Units

The performing arts course is an excellent and creative course that can be tailored to the skillset of the cohort. By taking this course, you will develop your skills as a leader, your creativity, problem solving as well as your performance skills. 

Unit 1: Investigating Practitioners’ Work

An externally set task completed in line with the brief set by the exam board exploring the work of two practitioners

Unit 2: Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance

An introduction to performing arts exploring a range of performance skill resulting in the performance of a play.

Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop

An externally set task completed in line with the brief set by the exam board. Students will write and perform their own devised play.

Unit 4:Performing Arts in the Community

Students will develop a performance of a play for a group in the community.

Optional Units

Unit 19: Acting Styles

Unit 26: Physical Theatre Techniques

Unit 28: Variety Performance

Unit 29:Storytelling

Unit 7: Production Skills for Performance

Students will plan, rehearse and perform a range of projects that will enable them to develop the skills for each of these options. When performances are complete and evidence is collated and marked the two best marks will be put forward for their final grade.

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