ICT Webinar

Welcome to this webinar on our vocational IT course.

ICT Cambridge Technical Level 3

Examination Board: OCR

Introduction: IT is a practical subject where students can apply the academic principles learnt in the classroom to real-world systems. It’s an intensely creative subject that combines intervention and excitement, that can look at the natural world through a digital prism. IT values computational thinking, helping students to develop the skills to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence.

There is an expanded Mathematics focus, much of it will be embedded within the course.

Students will be able to build, upgrade or develop computer systems and networks, taking into consideration the requirements of the stakeholders, designing and developing systems that are safe and secure. They will be able to lead teams to complete technical infrastructure products, investigate cyber security attacks, and implement preventative solutions to reduce risks.  

Where does it lead? The Cambridge Technical Diploma is designed to give students a range of specialist knowledge and transferable skills in the context of Applied IT, providing them with the opportunity to enter an apprenticeship, move directly into employment, or progress to a related Higher Education (HE) course.

Students could progress onto a Level 4 apprenticeship such as Network Engineering or Software Developer or into employment within the IT sector in areas such as technical support, digital technologies, application development or data analysis.

Course Details: The course is a two year course. Students must achieve a total of 5 units considering of 2 mandatory examined units and 3 further units.

Examination details

·    Unit 1and 2 are assessed by exam and marked externally. The other units will be internally assessed and externally moderated.

·     The units are graded Pass, Merit, Distinction

·     The qualification is graded P, M, D, D*


Key Contact: Curriculum Leader - Mrs S Fearnley (sfe@slougheton.com)