A-level Geography

Welcome to the Geography A-level information webinar! 

A-level: Geography


Paper 1: Physical Geography 30% topics include plate tectonics, natural hazards, coasts, water and energy security.

Paper 2: Human Geography 30% topics include globalisation, shaping places, global health and human rights

Paper 3: Synoptic paper 20% students use geographically knowledge from topics covered in papers 1 and 2 to evaluate current global issues

Coursework: 20% Independent Investigation relating to course content. Written as a 3000-4000 word report. Students design their own research question and complete their own fieldwork. The course requires 4 compulsory days of fieldwork. Location of fieldwork tbc.

How will it be taught?

Alongside teacher class activities, students will be expected to participate in debates and present their own work and ideas.

Some Geography A Level lessons will also develop IT skills and in particular use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and statistical analysis. Lessons will be a mixture of group and independent work. For the coursework, students will need to research, design, complete and write up their own fieldwork.

Teacher assessment will be mainly essay based alongside practice exam questions/papers.

 Where does it lead?

Geography A Level gives students a range of diverse and transferable skills beneficial for either further study or the world of work. For those heading to university, Geography is a well regarded academic subject which is an asset on any university application or any future career.

For students who go on to study Geography at university, there is a broad range of related careers. Geography is a current and dynamic subject, useful for any job that addresses current global issues.

For example, specialists in GIS would be crucial in mapping and gathering data on the current global Covid-19 pandemic. Geographers also have a key role to play in combating climate change and preparing our world for a sustainable and greener future. Careers include; GIS specialists, environmental consultants, urban planners, politics and plenty more!

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