Further Maths

Further Maths A Level

Exam Board: Edexcel


A Level Further Mathematics is a separate qualification that can be taken in addition to A level Mathematics. It broadens and deepens the maths covered in A level Mathematics. Further Maths is designed to stretch and challenge mathematic students and prepare them for university courses in mathematics and related quantitative and scientific subjects.

Entries in England for A level Further Mathematics have risen rapidly in recent years. Young people recognise that it’s a highly desirable qualification that can help them achieve their aspirations for further study and their future career.

Studying A level Further Mathematics is excellent preparation for a degree in Mathematics. Many university maths departments encourage students to take Further Mathematics at A level as it introduces a wider range of pure and applied content, such as matrices and complex numbers. Students who have studied Further Mathematics often find the transition to university far more straightforward.

All students study the same pure maths content for Further Mathematics, which makes up 50% of the content for A level. There is some choice over the remaining content of each course which might include further study of pure maths, statistics, mechanics or other areas of maths.

Topic areas studied include complex numbers, which allow the solution of a range of equations that would otherwise have no solutions, through the introduction of ‘imaginary’ numbers, and matrices which consist of grids of numbers that can be used to represent transformations and are used to solve simultaneous equations amongst many other uses. Other areas of pure maths are covered such as polar co-ordinates, differential equations and hyperbolic functions. Each of these builds on earlier topics and encourages the development of a wider understanding of the ways in which mathematical topics are interconnected.


Pure maths in Further Maths

Where Does It Lead?

Around a third of Mathematics BSc degree courses mention Further Mathematics in their entry requirements, including it in their A level offers or encouraging students to take it if possible. For the Russell Group universities, this proportion is much higher.

A Level in Further Mathematics is essential for many STEM degree courses such as Physics, Engineering and, of course, Mathematics itself, and is highly desirable in a wide range of subjects such as Medicine, Dentistry, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Computing and Accounting.

Course Details

This is a two year linear course. Students will sit their examinations at the end of the second year.

Course Outline

Key Contact: Maths KS5 Coordinator - Mrs J Kaye-Taylor (joanne.kaye@slougheton.com)