Applied Science

Applied Science Webinar

Welcome to our webinar on our Applied Science course. 

BTEC Applied Science

Examination Board: Edexcel

Introduction: BTEC qualifications are suitable for a wide range of learners. They offer an alternative to more traditional qualifications, combining the best mix of academic and vocational methods of learning. The range of modules offered are practical and will give you the opportunity to complete assignments and activities based on realistic situations linked to working in Science based careers.

Where does it lead to? Undertaking this course and gaining a qualification in BTEC Applied Science will develop and enhance the skills you need to work in specialist laboratory situations. Many Higher Educational Institutions accept BTEC at Level 3 as a recognised qualification to enter vocations such as Nursing, Midwifery and more.

Course Details: This is a two year course. It is equivalent in size to one A Level. Students will undertake one optional unit, and three mandatory units. Of the mandatory units, one is internally assessed and two are externally assessed units.

Students must complete and achieve at pass grade or above for all these units.

The mandatory units are:

·         Principles and Applications of Science

·         Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques

·         Science Investigation Skills

The optional units can vary each academic year

Examination Details: There are different assessment types for this qualification: internal, external and synoptic assessment.

External Assessment

Each external assessment is linked to a specific unit. The assessment is 2 hours long, taken under specific conditions, then marked externally and a grade is awarded. Students must achieve all external units at pass grade or above to gain the qualification. If a student needs to resit any external assessment, they can do so only once during their programme.

Internal Assessment

Some units are internally assessed and are subject to external standards verification (by the exam board). With this assessment students are given opportunities to:

·         Write up the findings of their own research.

·         Use case studies to explore complex or unfamiliar situations

·         Carry out projects

Synoptic Assessment

Within some units there is a synoptic assessment task, usually done in the context of a scientific practical. This requires students to demonstrate they can identify and use effectively, in an integrated way, an appropriate selection of skills, techniques and concepts, theories and knowledge from across the sector as relevant to the task.


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