Clubs & Activities

At Slough and Eton we believe that the curriculum is not just what happens in lessons on the timetable.

Extracurricular clubs are a vital part of our work with students at Slough and Eton. The clubs are updated termly and students sign up via their tutor. The clubs typically run from 15:00 to 16:00. We offer a range of clubs at Slough and Eton across many of our departments. The table below shows the updated club list for the Spring Term.

The students at Slough and Eton can sign up to a range of afterschool clubs. The Physical Education department provide a football club for each year group where students practice fundamental skills and tactics of invasion games. All the students can also participate in Badminton which will equip them with essential net and wall skills and strategic thinking. All students can also make a use of a fitness suite where they can improve their physical skills, such as stamina, strength and power. The Common Room is also very popular amongst our students as it runs every day and can be used to socialise, play popular console games and also enjoy pool. Our EAL students enjoy attending EAL Club where they can get support with their homework and revision. Cooking Club is also very popular as it runs throughout the year and typically mark high attendance. Overall, students have a wide variety of clubs to choose from whereby they can develop a range of transferable skills, socialise with their peers and improve their knowledge of certain subjects.

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