Years 7,8 and 9

Year 7

Year 7 is an exciting and very important year; starting secondary school is a huge step for students and it can also cause some anxieties as it is a big change. During this transition year it is important that both teachers and parents support students to help alleviate any of these anxieties and to encourage students to take advantage of new opportunities.

At Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College we aim to ensure that all students experience high quality teaching and learning to give them the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The pastoral support team, which includes myself and the tutor team, are committed to supporting and nurturing students to ensure they feel safe and happy. Communication between home and school is extremely important; the form tutor is the first point of contact for any concerns or any issues you may have. 

We appreciate the support of parents in ensuring that students complete their homework, are prepared for school with the correct equipment and to maintain a high level of attendance and punctuality. I would also like to thank parents for their continued support with helping to maintain our uniform standards within school.

The use of student planners is vital to all students in the school. Please check planners each week for homework and any comments made by teachers. These must be signed on a weekly basis to ensure a high level of communication between you and the form tutors. As well as this, Show My Homework is a very useful tool to stay up to date with homework and deadlines, all parents receive log in details for this.

Students benefit from extra-curricular activities as it aims to strengthen self-confidence, develop specialised skills, improve academic performance, give students greater opportunities and a sense of responsibility, and to expose students to new activities. The school has a wide range of activities available, these include; sports, drama, art, technology to name a few. I appreciate your support in promoting these to the students and really encouraging them to take part, there is something for everybody on offer.

I look forward to working in partnership with you to support your child through Year 7. If you have anything you wish to discuss throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact the form tutors or myself.

Mr J Cranston

Head of Year 7

Year 8

Year 8 is a time to build on prior knowledge, relationships and aspirations set in Year 7.  Within the curriculum there is a huge focus on outstanding achievement so all students can strive to achieve their very best. This puts them in good stead when it comes to the fast approaching Year 9 and choosing their option subjects.

Here at Slough and Eton we have a very committed tutor team who works together to ensure your children enjoy their school life and achieve their potential. The communication between myself, form tutors and parents is vital this year. Any concerns that you may have need to be addressed, and your first point of contact is your child’s form tutor. Issues arising are dealt with quickly and effectively and we pride ourselves in the procedures we have in place to ensure that everything is dealt with effectively.

As a school we will provide every student the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life.  To ensure academic success is achieved a broad curriculum is planned giving students the opportunity to study a variety of different subjects.  There are extra-curricular opportunities available to all students in Year 8 every day, these clubs along with the wide variety of trips and visits we offer provide an enriching life experience which will benefit the students both in their academic studies and as a citizen of the world.  All students will go on at least one school trip during Year 8 and will have taken part in several extra-curricular clubs.

We have a very strict policy about punctuality and attendance. We like to prepare students for the world of work. Each day a student misses is reflected in their progress, and absences are not taken lightly. Sanctions are put into place for students that are continuously late, but this is not an issue as students are aware of the expectations and meet the standards that we have.

The use of the student planner and Show my Homework is vital this year. Please check regularly to see what homework your child has been given and any deadlines they need to meet. Planners should be signed on a weekly basis and Show My Homework checked on a daily basis to ensure excellent communication between you and the school. 

Student’s hard work, achievements and those with roles of responsibility will be celebrated; students are rewarded termly for such commitments to the school and their academic progression in line with our school mantra – Word hard, Be nice, No excuses. 

Ms N Hunt

Head of Year 8

Year 9

Year 9 is a crucial year for all students as the GCSE options process begins. Students must work hard to give themselves the best platform for success at the end of KS4. During February we will support our families and students in making the right subject choices at GCSE at our options evening and transition fair.

We strive to give every student the best springboard for success at GCSE, and for that reason there are various personalised interventions taking place to ensure that is the reality. None is more important than our reading interventions, which give the students the vocabulary, comprehension and understanding to access both their subject curriculums and examinations.

Extensive enrichment opportunities continue in Year 9.  We know it is important for our students to experience extracurricular activities therefore, we aim to offer as many as possible. These may change year on year but include activities such as the ATP word Tennis finals, university visits, theatre shows, mountain adventure trips and many more.

 Additionally what makes me most proud of my year group are the opportunities that they continue to take up that both give back to our community but also build them as individuals, giving them experiences as volunteers and leaders. These include Peer mentors, school council representatives, The Eco council, Reading mentors and the list goes on.

Ms L Johnson

Head of Year 9