Every student at Slough and Eton School can earn Vivo points to spend on a whole variety of exciting rewards. 

How does the Vivo points system work?

Staff award Vivo points for a whole range of achievements including demonstrating any of the characteristics of a Slough and Eton Leaner, good behaviour, excellent classwork and homework, representing the school, plus a whole lot more.

Vivo has its own dedicated website where students can log on to see their points, watch them grow and spend them on whatever they like. There is a huge range of items available such as mobile phone top up cards, vouchers for high street shops, cinema tickets, Slough and Eton Prom tickets, school equipment, iPods and telescopes.  

How do you spend Vivo points?

• log on to the Vivo website
• check your points total
• select the reward
• rewards are sent to school

The good thing about Vivo is that you can’t lose points – it is completely positive. All you have to do is work hard and earn the Vivos.

Click here to go to Vivo now!