• All work has a date and title which is underlined with a ruler
  • Class work has c/w recorded in the margin
  • Homework has h/w recorded in the margin
  • Writing is in blue or black pen
  • Diagrams and drawings should be in pencil
  • Tippex is not allowed
  • No graffiti on books anywhere
  • Your exercise book is your responsibility and should be looked after as it is your record of lesson work

We expect all students to maintain a high standard of appearance. Full school uniform should be worn each day including to and from school as well dressed students are good ambassadors for the School. Jewellery is not permitted, except for one pair of plain studs or sleepers in ears and a wristwatch. No nail varnish or make up is allowed.  Haircuts should be deemed appropriate for school by the Headteacher with no extremes of style (no patterns, lines or unnatural colours).  Minimum cut length is a number 2.

Students are to wear school uniform at all times. Badges and ties are available from school.