Independent Study

Work will be set by subject teachers to be completed outside of the classroom be completed at home, which we call Independent Study. This will be recorded on ClassCharts, our online platform, where parents can log in and track what has been set. Details about how to log into ClassCharts are attached. The students will also need access to Teams to submit work and gain access to the resources they need. The students will be set deadlines for Independent Study which need to be adhered to. The tables below show frequency and approximate time to be spent for each subject, at each Key Stage There will not be a set day for each subject but it will be set at an appropriate time and expected to be completed within a manageable timeframe. Students may receive 3 or 4 pieces of Independent Study on the same day but will not routinely be expected to hand these in the next day, therefore allowing them to plan their time appropriately and manage the timescales for each piece of work. 

We are aware that not everyone has access to devices that connect to the internet and that there will be situations where multiple devices may be needed. We will continue to work with families affected by this and also ensure that there is work set that does not always require use of devices. We will also provide paper copies, if required, for students to complete. The library is open after school every day for students to use if necessary.  

I am sure that you will support your child with their studies at home by checking what Independent Study tasks they have been set and by encouraging them to complete it to the best of their ability. We have also introduced a student portal found here which gives details of extra resources and platforms that are used in each curriculum area to supplement the students’ studies. Teachers across the curriculum recognise the integral role and importance of regular reading, both academic reading as well as reading for pleasure.  Reading is proven to build cognitive skills, expand knowledge and fill gaps to boost comprehension and understanding—it also fosters student wellbeing.  Daily reading helps students in all their subjects and we urge all students to read at least 30 minutes each day at home.  If time allows, more is always better!  

Weekly Homework Hours