Q:  My child is sick, do I have to call in tomorrow?

 A:  Yes, as part of our safeguarding procedures it is important that you keep in contact with the school every day that your child is absent.  


Q. How can I report an absence?

A: Call 01753 520824 and press 1. Alternatively, email reception@slougheton.com and we will forward your absence to the Attendance department.


Q: What is meant by good attendance?

 A:  Anything from 95% and above is classed as good attendance. 


Q: If my child is not well in the morning can I send him/her in to school in the afternoon if he/she is feeling better?

 A: Yes, most certainly. One school day is made up of two sessions, AM/PM. 


Q: By what time do I have to report my child's absence?

 A: By 9.30am  


Q: To which email address can I send medical proof or to alert you that my child is absent from school?

A: We would prefer you to use the Weduc App to report a child absent and/or to upload any documentation.  However, if you are having trouble using this App, then email attendance@slougheton.com   


Q: What are the School day timings?

A: All details of the school day are on our website


Q: How can I get a proof of education letter.

A: We are happy to provide these, please email reception@slougheton.com with the name of your child.


Q. Where and when can we buy PE kit?

A. PE kit can be purchased at anytime of year by completing a PE kit order form which is provided upon request from Reception.


Q. How can my child get Free School Meals?

A:  Please apply via Slough Borough Council https://www.slough.gov.uk/xfp/form/244


Q: What clubs are there and timings?

A: All information regarding After School Clubs are on our website


Q: Do we offer extra tuition?

A: We offer various after school clubs that are subject focused; please speak to your child's class teacher about interventions and extra tuition.