Multicultural Evening 2023


Slough and Eton’s Multi-cultural evening offers distinct and valuable experience enriched with ethnic diversity of our school’s community. At this event, students take pride in showcasing the integration of cultures at S+E working exquisitely together as one community.  Our students and staff celebrate their vibrant cultures by dressing up in their cultural clothes during the day and having great conversations focused on learning about each other’s culture and ethnicity. This year our students have set up cultural stalls to showcase their cultural food, items, games and much more. This was a hit as it encouraged students to have in depth conversations about each other’s cultures. In the afternoon and evening a big celebration takes place in the form of performances such as cultural music, dance, play, comedy, poetry, presentations by students and staff to exhibit their cultures from the stage to a packed audience.


Here are some comments from students about the day and the evening:

"I really enjoyed multicultural day and evening. It was great to see the diversity within our school community, with the cultural clothes people wore and the performances that we got to see which really showcased the talents of the students in our community. The performances were really good and it was a great evening." (Aleena Y13)


"I went to the multicultural evening show in the theatre at mummy’s big school. I saw flags, dancing and party. The best bit was the flags being waved." (a teacher’s daughter)


"I really enjoyed presenting in the show and I think I did really good job! I cannot wait for the next Year’s multicultural evening to have another opportunity to present the diverse cultures at my school." (Hashim)


"I like dressing up in my cultural clothes, it makes me feel the part and showcases my identity."

"I love seeing everyone in such beautiful and colourful outfits. It gives me opportunity to dress up with I really love to do."


Comments from parents:

"I am so proud of my son for taking part in a performance to show case SE culture to the hall full of audiences."

"My daughter was so excited to perform in the multicultural evening show that for past couple of months she only talked about her performance around the house."

"I took time off to see my daughters’ perform at the evening show. She was so excited to show everyone her culture and where she comes from."


As always students are already excited and planning to make the next year more vibrant and enriched with cultural fusion that will blow your minds. Save up for your ticket to this magical, diverse event of the year!