PiXL Edge


The Edge

As a school that never stands still and is always looking to improve, we want our students to follow our footsteps and strive to be the best they can be. To support that development, we have introduced the PiXL Edge programme. PiXL Edge is a framework for secondary schools and sixth form providers to develop and accredit in our students the attitudes, attributes and skills essential for employability and life. The PiXL Edge programme will enable students to develop and be accredited for five key attributes, which have been especially chosen for their formative qualities in character development as well as their desirability by employers.

The scheme will focus on 5 key attributes:

●     Leadership - Making decisions, acting responsibly, collaborating

●     Organisation - Time management, problem solving

●     Resilience - Showing commitment, working under pressure

●     Initiative - Creativity and seeing the value in being of service to others

●     Communication - Editing, presenting, matching form and content to audience

The Edge - what you do today will impact on tomorrow!

All students are introduced to the PiXL Edge programme and will log their activities and provide evaluations for each one. We hope this will encourage them to get involved in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible, both in and out of school – some of which they may have never even thought of before now!

We want to ensure that your child leaves Slough and Eton not only with the best qualifications possible but with a myriad of personal attributes allowing them to stand out from the crowd and achieve their goals. Competition for University places and employment today is ever increasing and together we can help your child embrace this programme that will undoubtedly give them the Edge.

How will PiXL Edge be delivered at Slough and Eton?

Every week, form tutors will deliver one session in tutor time focusing on a specific skill. These sessions will help to develop your child’s skills, which can then be put into practice with their projects.

The projects will not be completed during tutor time, therefore students will need to be self-motivated and engaged.

Students need to complete a series of activities within the programme, for each of the key attributes, and can qualify at three levels: Apprentice (Key Stage 3), Graduate (Key Stage 4) and Masters (Key Stage 5).

Our students in Years 7, 8 & 9 are starting at PiXL Edge Apprentice Level. Each student needs to achieve 2 credits in each of the five categories. Every activity must be evidenced and signed off by a member of staff.

Celebrating PiXL Edge

We believe that the skills demonstrated by students in attaining PiXL Edge levels are invaluable for their future careers, and we fully celebrate their success and achievements. Students will be presented with certificates and badges, alongside celebratory events and activities in order to acknowledge their achievements.

PiXL Edge during Remote Learning

During this time whilst students are working remotely PiXL Edge is something that can still be completed at home and there are lots of opportunities for students to enhance their character. Please encourage your child/children to complete their targets and communicate with their tutor regarding this. We will still be celebrating success and awarding students certificates and badges to acknowledge their efforts towards becoming a PiXL Edge Apprentice.