Independent State School Partnership (ISSP)

Slough and Eton are proud to be part of the Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) initiative.  

The ISSP was a Department for Education and Skills initiative established to provide structure and funding for cooperation between the state school sector and private school sector.  The partnership has several aims, including the breaking down of barriers between the sectors, the sharing of professional expertise and the raising of student standards.

The schools in the Eton, Slough, Windsor and Heston Partnership include Eton College, Slough and Eton, The Langley Academy, St. Joseph’s, Beechwood, Windsor Boys’ and Heston Community College. Since its beginnings in 2007, the partnership has gone from strength to strength.  The ISSP aims to raise student aspiration and improve student self-esteem regardless of background. The ISSP is not limited to just students. Over the years, the collaboration between school staff has strengthened and there have been many opportunities for teachers’ professional development.

Please direct any queries regarding Slough and Eton’s involvement with the ISSP towards Mr Cranston, our ISSP Coordinator.

Last Year’s ISSP Projects

The Orwell Youth Prize

Our students participated in local literacy workshops with professional writers who shared their tips and insights into fields as diverse as investigative journalism, novel writing and poetry. Students were also invited to both Eton College and the University of Oxford to celebrate their written entries to the Orwell Youth Prize. The celebration day was hosted by the George Orwell Foundation and TV presenter Rick Edwards.

The Vocal Project

Our students performed as part of an ISSP choir at the Eton College School Hall. The choir was also made up of students from Langley Academy, Eton College, St Joseph's and Beechwood and was conducted the Stanley Vann scholar, Tori Langdon.