Changes to relationships and health education – Parent consultations.

The Department for Education has announced changes to relationships and sex education (RSE).These changes will come into effect from September 2020 and all schools will be required to comply with the updated requirements.  This means that we will be reviewing our RSE curriculum and policy so we can be sure our RSE provision is appropriate for our pupils based on their age, physical and emotional maturity, religious/cultural backgrounds and special educational needs and/or disabilities.

We would like your feedback on these changes so we are inviting you to share your thoughts at the upcoming parents’ evenings. We will have an RSE stall with information and guidance materials for you to read and a member of staff will be there to collect your ideas and provide any further information you may require.

The dates for the SRE consultations are ;

Year Group



6th February


5th March


26th  March


30th April

12 & 10

21st May








There is further information here from the Department for Education. If you need any more guidance or would like to discuss the SRE curriculum, please contact Ms Lary, Assistant Headteacher (

Personal, Social, Health and Education (PSHE) is a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help the students of Slough and Eton School grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and of social and economic communities.

PSHE equips students with knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled, capable and responsible lives. PSHE encourages them to be enterprising and supports them in making effective transitions, positive learning and career choices and in managing their finances effectively. It also enables children and young people to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes, and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future. PSHE is an important aspect of the school curriculum as it helps to increase our students independence and ultimately enables them to take responsibility for themselves. It prepares them for future roles as parents, employees and leaders. It underpins their employability through the development of personal and social skills which employers demand from their work force. It makes a major contribution to the health and wellbeing of our students which ultimately will contribute to the health of the nation. It also contributes to the safety and protection of our students.

Mr A Bhatti PSHE Teacher
Miss S Ranu Co-ordinator /  PSHE Teacher