The main aim of the Music Department at Slough & Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College is to promote and provide students with the enjoyment, understanding and satisfaction that can be gained from music, through expression and creativity. Students engage in a wide range of musical styles and activities, including performing composing and appraising Music. 


Throughout Key Stage 3 students explore a diverse mix of musical styles and cultures. Projects include Understanding Rhythm, Understanding Pitch, Instruments of the Orchestra, Major and Minor and Samba Music in Year 7.  In Year 8 we study styles such as The Blues, Folk Music and Minimalism and in Year 9 we explore Beethoven, Film Music, Musical Theatre and Pop.


The KS4 programme of study develops the skills learnt in KS3 and allow students to further develop them through the study of Music as a GCSE subject. Students who study music at this level are expected to participate in instrumental lessons to help develop their ability on an Instrument. Throughout the GCSE students are required to listen, appraise, compose and perform a variety of styles of music. At the end of the GCSE students will have composed two pieces of music and performed on their instruments in a variety of events during the school year. 

Enrichment Activities 

There is a wide range of extra-curricular and performance opportunities that students can get involved in. These include a variety of choir projects, school productions, the senior citizens Christmas concert, the Summer Showcase and multi-cultural evening. The department offers peripatetic instrumental lessons on Drum Kit, Guitar, Voice, Piano, and Violin.  Specialist teachers come to the school once a week to teach the lessons to the students.  They are 20 -25 minutes in length (depending on the level the student is working at) and cost £3.50 a lesson. Students who take up an instrument are encouraged to work towards graded exams as these are recognised certified achievements and can lead to UCAS points when the student reaches the higher grades. The music room is open most lunchtimes in order to encourage the students to share their music making with both older and younger students and also practice on the instruments for assessments in lesson or for their weekly instrumental lessons.  Students are also invited to attend Choir which is run on a Monday lunch time. 




Examining Body

GCSE Music




Mrs M Donnet

Music – Curriculum Leader -

Mr S Khan