Modern Foreign Languages

In a multicultural society, the need to communicate, share ideas and develop an understanding of others is vital. Furthermore, as a business and enterprise college, we know that students need to be equipped to work within the 21st century's global network.
With this in mind, the Modern Foreign Languages department aims to encourage students to explore different cultures through languages.

We currently offer the opportunity of studying three languages: French and Spanish in KS3 and KS4, as well as Urdu from Year 9.

We employ a range of methods to help students grow accustomed to new languages. Power-point presentations, interactive whiteboard material, language videos, songs and films in the target language are used to introduce topics and vocabulary. We also have an excellent computer network on which students are able to use the department's different ICT-based language resources. The department uses the website where students can learn the language whilst having fun.


We follow the "Dynamo” course in French and the “Viva” course in Spanish.
Students study various topics such as Family/ Where I live/Free time and hobbies/Food and Drinks etc…


Students are encouraged to choose a Language at GCSE. We currently offer AQA French, Spanish and Urdu GCSE. 

Enrichment Activities

We are looking forward to organising different activities to allow students to learn languages in context, outside of the classroom.




Examining Body

GCSE French


GCSE Spanish






Ms. N. Torres

Head of MFL
Miss A Bokenda

French Teacher

Miss O. Greene Spanish Teacher
Mrs N. Ali Urdu Teacher