Learning Support Hub (Resource Base)

The Learning Support Hub (Resource Base) is a well-established specialist support unit for up to 25 secondary aged students with Communication & Interaction Difficulties

Students who attend the resource base will:

·         Have a final or proposed Education, Health and Care Plan.

·         Be in Key Stage 3 or 4.

·         Be able to integrate into and access at least 70% – 80% of the mainstream school curriculum and activities, with  support based on their individual needs. 

In order to access a significant proportion of the mainstream curriculum, students may:

·         Have an individualised timetable with some small group sessions within The Hub as appropriate and on a needs  led basis.

·         Require a significant level of additional support, such as:

         -  Implementation of individualised programmes.

         -  Access to small teaching groups

         -  Access to Speech and Language Therapy and any other onsite and external professionals

         -  Delivery of Speech and Language Programmes by suitably qualified staff.

         -  Some teaching assistant support to meet their specific needs and to support inclusion

         -   Suitably differentiated curriculum

         -  Life Skills care support

         - Occupational therapy assessment and programmes carried out.

         - Physiotherapy programmes carried out

         - Social Skills support 

The Learning Support Hub has provision for intake of 5 students every year. Requests for placement and Admissions are made through The SEND Team at Slough Borough Council.

If you would like to find out more about The Learning Support Hub or arrange a visit please email SENCO@slougheton.com.