“History teaches everything including the future”. - Lamartine

History helps you develop the skills to look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express your own opinions. History helps you discover how your world evolved.

History trains your mind and teaches you how to think and process information.

History students are rounded individuals who develop an understanding of both past and present.

History helps you make sense of most other subjects.

History provides you with the skills employers are looking for.


History is taught using the themes of Power, Culture and Beliefs and Conflict. Within those themes students undertake programmes of study that includes:

Year 7

  • Roman
  • Norman Invasion of England
  • Crusades
  • Medieval Life and Religion
  • Thomas Becket
  • King John
  • Black Death
  • Peasants’ Revolt
  • Joan of Arc
  • Medieval Conflict

Year 8

  • Tudor & Stuart Monarchs
  • Slavery
  • English Civil War and its aftermath
  • American Revolution
  • French Revolution
  • Napoleon & Wellington
  • India & the British
  • Irish famine & Home Rule.
  • Chartism

Year 9

  • Suffragettes
  • World War 1
  • Holocaust
  • World War 2
  • Cold War and Superpower relations

Various teaching styles are used; active learning, role-play writing frames, discussion, group and individual work. Source analysis skills are developed to a very high level and students undertake formal assessments on each of the themes studied at Key Stage 3.



Qualification GCSE

Examining Body

Paper 1 – Thematic Study & Historic Environment. (Paper codes: 1HI0/10–12))

Warfare and British society, c1250–present and London and the Second World War, 1939–45.

This 1 hour 15 minute exam is a written paper worth 30% or 52 marks 16 for the historic environment, 36 for the thematic study of total grade.

Edexcel 9-1  –History 

UNIT 2 – Period Study & British depth study. (Paper codes: 1HI0/20–29)

Early Elizabethan England, 1558-88 (32 marks)

Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941–91 (32 marks)

This 1 hour 45 minute exam is a written paper worth 40 % or 64 marks of total grade. 

Edexcel 9-1  –History 

UNIT 3- Modern depth study (Paper codes: 1HI0/30–33)

Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39

This 1 hour 20 minute exam is a written paper worth 30% or 52 marks of total grade. 1930-

GCSE students will visit Berlin during the 2 year course.

Edexcel 9-1  –History 



Examining Body

unit group 1: BRITISH period study & enquiry

 Tudor England 1485 - 1603 & Mid Tudor Crises 1547 - 1588– This 1 hour 30 minute exam is a written paper worth 25% or 50 marks of total grade

OCR – Oxford & Cambridge

UNit group 2: NON-BRITISH period study. 

Russia 1894- 1941 - This 1 hour exam is a written paper worth 15% or 30 marks of total grade.


OCR – Oxford & Cambridge

Unit group 3: Thematic study & historical interpretations

Britain and Ireland 1791 -1921. This 2 hour 30 minutes exam is a written paper worth 40% or 80 marks of total grade.

Research & topic based essay Napoleon & the French Revolution

OCR – Oxford & Cambridge


Trips include

  • Year 7 Warwick castle.
  • Year 8 Tower of London
  • Year 9 IWM, Churchill War rooms, HMS Belfast.


Mr A Byrne

History - Curriculum Leader - aby@slougheton.com

Mr D Kovacs

History Teacher

Ms L Claydon

History Teacher

Mr M Young

History Teacher