The English curriculum at Slough and Eton is not only designed to challenge students but also to inspire, enthuse and empower. Students will study a variety of texts; a selection of non-fiction and fiction including poetry and drama. Careful attention is given to cementing the foundations of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure in order to produce competent writers, able to adapt their style to suit audience and purpose. Speaking and listening is a key element of English and communication. Activities designed to improve oral communication are integral to the English curriculum. The English team work very closely with the EAL and SEN department to ensure that all students' needs are met. We also work very closely with our exceptional library team to ensure that our students’ reading ages continue to improve significantly through the use of the Accelerated Reader programme. You can see our library’s Accelerated Reader success story here:


At Key Stage 3 we build on the grammar, punctuation and spelling work students will have experienced at Key Stage 2 in order to enhance their writing and communication skills.  This is done within a framework of reading and analysing a wide range of texts, both fiction and non - fiction and then putting into practice themselves the writing skills they have discovered.  We aim to help our students to read and understand a wide variety of texts to enable them to take their full part in society as they grow and mature.  What is learned at Key Stage 3 fully prepares them for the next challenge at Key Stage 4.

At Key Stage 4 all students study both English Language and English Literature and achieve two GCSEs.  These two subjects are taught alongside each other in an integrated scheme of work as the skills required are the same for both subjects.  We provide targeted in class intervention and external intervention with dedicated Saturday, after school and holiday time revision classes to ensure that our students are supported in every possible way for their GCSE exams. We have a team of dynamic teachers who are constantly securing our students’ progress in innovative ways.  Follow our Youtube channel at: Bewiserevise for GCSE revision top tips and advice. 

At Key Stage 5 students may choose to study A Level English Literature which is a subject widely respected by universities for the reading, analysis and writing skills it fosters.  A Level English encourages students to think critically, analyse, evaluate, look for patterns, interpret information and handle complex ideas; all skills which can be transferred to other areas.  The novels, drama and poetry texts are taken from a wide range of historical periods and cultural contexts which give students a good historical and cultural perspective on the world.  English A Level is an excellent qualification for any job which involves communication, writing or literary knowledge including advertising and marketing, law, government, academia, writing and journalism, media and design, foreign languages, linguistics, business, performing arts, teaching or consultancy.

We give students in all years the opportunity to experience theatre performances, learning from outside sources such as visits to universities for lectures and debates, entering internal and external competitions for writing and speaking.  Year 11 have the chance to attend Poetry Live in preparation for their Literature exams, gaining the opportunity to see live some of the poets they are studying and hear them discuss their work. Year 12 and 13 can attend lectures specifically aimed at A Level on their set texts.  Key Stage 3 students attended a learning day at the University of Reading and another on debating skills.  In addition we have a writer in residence who offers a creative writing club after school and contributes to English lessons, working alongside the class teacher.





Examining Body

GCSE English Language(8700)


GCSE English Literature(8702)




Examining Body

A Level English Literature




Lesson Videos & Documents


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How to revise PAPER 1 TEXTS RFE







Mrs N. Afraoui

Curriculum Leader and Literacy Co-ordinator 


Mrs S Hind Second in Department, KS3 English Co-ordinator, Head of Year 9  

Miss G Matson

Deputy Head of Year 10 and Parks House Champion  
Mrs R Dessai

Teacher of English and Leader of Learning for Key Stage 4


Miss A Abdalle

Teacher of English  

Ms S. Fogarty

Teacher of English and Angelou House Champion  

Mr L. Richards

Teacher of English, Deputy Head of Year 8 and Winton House Champion  

Mrs S. Olowofoyeku

Teacher of English and KS5 English Co-ordinator  

Mrs K Shaw

Teacher of English and Head of year 11  
Mrs S Bhatti Teacher of English